Here is an excerpt from an article that I recently read online and wanted to share:

But if you took a long look at perfectionism do you know what you would find? You’d discover that perfectionism is the socially acceptable Siamese twin of a subconscious feeling called fear of mediocrity. Because perfectionism is socially touted as a positive personality trait, we consciously accept its existence within us as desirable. But within the hard-core perfectionist, fear of mediocrity stands unseen off stage and pulls the strings. So, even though perfectionism enjoys acceptance, it creates a pattern of self-imposed pressure that we tend to avoid. This avoidance, in turn, leads to procrastination and self-defeat.

An ice skater who once competed in a Winter Olympics spoke about the early days of her figure skating career. She lamented about having been so over-whelmed by the pressure of perfectionism that she had a nervous breakdown and lost most of her hair.

In another case, the pressures of perfectionism prompted writer Dorothy Parker to explain her inability to meet deadlines by saying that for every five words she wrote, she erased seven. Moreover, Parker’s ongoing difficulties with alcohol were probably related to her intense perfectionism. These reactions to perfectionism are not at all uncommon.

Remember: Perfectionism is really a subconscious fear of appearing mediocre either to ourselves or to others. Attempts to escape our fears often lead us down self-destructive and self- defeating paths. 

Self discipline in 10 days.  “How to go from thinking to doing.”

Theordore Bryant