Bio: James D. Jordon is the consummate entrepreneur. The Jordon Companies is a childhood dream materialized. James and his team want to help you breathe life into your dream TODAY! As a seasoned franchise owner and the Vice-President of a thriving investment and development company, James knows that materializing a dream demands tenacity, courage and sacrifice. There are many things through his entrepreneurial journey that James has become great at, but he is an expert at creating a plan and sticking to it. Impressively, he found a way to map out the road leading to his dreams when he was just 17 years old. James called it the "Master Plan" back then, today that plan has become his reality and helps keep him focused on building a world-class business and attaining global success. James D. Jordon defied all negative predictions for his future at a young age and knows exactly how to help you do it too. He has a genuine passion to inspire change and to see renovation happen. Turning an abandoned building or an empty lot into something prosperous and beautiful is extremely gratifying for James, but motivating one person to make their dreams a reality is an inexplicable feeling he pursues each day. James and his team are the catalyst to help you start living your dreams abundantly!

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